Industrial Engineer – Barceloneta, PR

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
2-3 years of experience

General Duties and Responsibilities:
• Evaluate current manufacturing/operations practices and identify those needing improvement.
• Identify process/equipment opportunities to maximize productivity.
• Enforce quality control to reduce waste.
• Improve the efficiency of identified production process.
• Evaluate employees’ tasks and responsibilities, identifying procedures or tools to improve productivity.

• Revise methods of operations, material handling, or equipment layout to optimize process performance.
• Discuss with BPE and Operations leaders to determine quality and reliability standards.
• Develop standards considering workers’ performance, the capabilities of machines, and production schedules.
• Prepare charts, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate workflow, routing, floor layouts, how materials are handled, and how machines are used, as well as standards.
• Collect, analyze and documents data to assist in process improvement activities.
Yield Improvement / Scrap Reduction /Process Standardization