Sr. Computer Validation Specialist – Arecibo, PR

Qualification Highlights:
• CSV expert with strong experience in laboratory equipment
• Must know how to develop Protocols from scratch
• Should have project management skills
• Must have strong laboratory equipment Qualification expertise
• If needed, support experience with manufacturing areas will be a Plus

Qualifications (General):
Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or related field. 5+ years- experience with validating computer and Automation Systems in Manufacturing equipment such as Blenders, Tablet Press, Granulators, Encapsulators, Film Coaters. Technical writing skills for the creation of protocols. Team working – Work in teams to gather and analyze data and Protocol Execution, Keen attention to detail – Must be able to quickly spot when something isn’t correct and take effective action. Good communication skills – This role requires working with people from across the manufacturing process and often working with production staff to discuss projects, adherence to protocols and implementing. Excellent written communication – Documentation is essential requirement for compliance with emphasis in attention to details creating documentation. Prioritization skills – Working with project deadlines and ensuring the manufacturing process is working efficiently at every stage, must be able to prioritize workload. Must have Pharma Equipment experience & Computer Validation Expertise.